Chain Block Black Fox


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Chain Block Black Fox 1 Ton x 3 Metre
Chain Block Black Fox 2 Ton x 3 Metre
Chain Block Black Fox 5 Ton x 3 Metre



  • Suitable for short-distance hoisting of small equipment and goods.
  • Durable shell material: Made of high-quality alloy steel, ensuring strength, wear resistance, and safety.
  • Operating mechanism: When lifting, the manual chain is pulled, causing the hand chain wheel to rotate clockwise. During descent, the hand zipper bar is pulled anticlockwise.
  • Brake system: The brake seat and brake pad are separated, while the ratchet wheel remains engaged with the pawl. A five-toothed long shaft drives the crane sprocket to lower the weight steadily.
  • 1 Ton x 5 Mtr
  • 2 Ton x 5 Mtr
  • 3 Ton x 5 Mtr
  • 5 Ton x 5 Mtr
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Chain Block Black Fox Size

1 Ton x 5 Mtr, 2 Ton x 5 Mtr, 3 Ton x 5 Mtr, 5 Ton x 5 Mtr


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