Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Wirerope Hoist 1 Ton x 9 Mtr
Electric Wirerope Hoist 2 Ton x 9 Mtr
Electric Wirerope Hoist 3 Ton x 9 Mtr
Electric Wirerope Hoist 5 Ton x 9 Mtr



  • Low Headroom Electric Hoist, derived from CD / MD electric hoists, features a compact structure and is capable of lifting at single or double speeds with an effective lifting stroke.
  • Suitable for various applications, especially in new factory buildings where it can reduce building height and construction costs.


Key Features:


  • Provides the best clearance height, increasing lifting height by 200 to 500mm compared to ordinary CD / MD hoists.
  • Utilizes excellent three-in-one transmission technology, with a high-quality alloy steel hoist reducer featuring three-stage deceleration for stable, reliable, and long-lasting performance, eliminating the drawbacks of long-distance transmission in CD hoists.
  • Equipped with a specially designed motor, a self-cooling cone-type motor, with an aluminum alloy casing for efficient heat dissipation. The motor has an insulation grade of F and an IP54 protection grade, one level higher than ordinary motors.
  • Customizable based on user requirements, offering options like hoist operation, single or double-speed lifting, variable frequency step-less speed control, remote control, overload protection, and motor overheat protection.
  • Features an exquisite design with unique innovations.
  • Offers easy disassembly, installation, repair, and maintenance for enhanced usability.
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Lever block size

0.75 Ton x 1.5 Mtr, 1 Ton x 1.5 Mtr, 1.5 Ton x 1.5 Mtr, 1.5 Ton x 3 Mtr, 2 Ton x 1.5 Mtr, 3 Ton x 3 Mtr, 6 Ton x 3 Mtr