Pendant Controls




  • The shell is made of ABS plastic injection molding and a laser pointer according to the indication on the twist head. It has strong abrasion resistance, large contact capacity, and a long service life. From the 2-hole to the 14-hole, from the single speed and double speed from two to the three choices, the choice can be assembled into a button station according to the customer’s request, which is beneficial to the user.



  • Hanging button box (crane ground operation button box) Pendant Station


Product technical characteristics:

  • product material: self-extinguishing flame retardant.
  • protection level IP65 according to EN60529
  • operating temperature: -25 C -+70 C according to IEC68-2-27
  • storage temperature: -40 C – +70 C
  • products from 2 holes to 14 holes diameter 22 mm Single row double row.
  • cable protection part P03 from 8- 17mm, PL PLB cable protection part from 8- 8- 24mm
  • mechanical life: 1 million times
  • products with special machinery


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