Fibre Glass Ladder



This Fibre Glass Ladder is made from high-quality, non-conductive fiberglass, ensuring exceptional safety. 

  • It provides a 10-foot reach for various tasks.
  • Safe and Stable: With a 225-lb capacity, slip-resistant rubber tread on all four legs, a ladder boot for a larger footprint, and rail protection, this ladder offers stability and reliability.
  • SHOX System: It features an exclusive SHOX system that absorbs impacts, enhancing durability and resistance to mishandling.
  • Pro Top: The ladder’s Pro Top keeps tools within reach and offers various features for improved performance in electrical, construction, and residential jobs. It includes a hardware tray, a comfort-enhancing curved front, drill and tool slots, a paint bucket holder, and a pipe or 2×4 holder.
  • Non-Conductive Fiberglass: The fiberglass is non-conductive when clean and dry, adding an extra layer of safety.
  • Reliable Bracing: The ladder includes spreader bracing and large back rail bracing for stability, boosting confidence while climbing.
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