Electric Chain hoist with Motorized Trolley



  • Motor Brake: Utilizes an advanced magnetic cone brake for reliable stopping.
  • Chain Guide: High-quality design ensures smooth and quiet guidance of the lifting chain.
  • Heavy-Duty Motor: Equipped with a squirrel cage parallel rotor motor, featuring cooling fins to regulate temperature. It has IP55 protection, making it suitable for demanding environments.
  • Load Chain: The load chain is heat-treated for durability and can withstand harsh conditions. It can be a carburizing chain or an FEC chain.
  • Hook: The hook is made of hot-forged high-tensile steel, providing rigidity and durability. It includes a safety latch for secure lifting.
  • Push Button Pendant: This is waterproof and insulated, offering light and durable switching controls.
  • Phase Error Relay: Includes a phase error relay to prevent the motor from running when there’s an incorrect wire connection.


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