Cargo Lashing Belt





Modernize your cargo security: Cargo Lashing Belt – lightweight, reliable, and tailored for diverse loads.


  • Cargo ratchet lashing system: Robust tension system for various vehicles like lorries, trailers, trucks, and aircraft.
  • Used for securing cargo during transportation, shifting, or storage.
  • Offers significant advantages over other securing systems.
  • Reusable and cost-effective tie-down using polyester webbing and ratchet buckle.
  • Replaces traditional methods like ropes, chains, and wires for transportation.
  • Ratchet buckle provides uniform tension, and its locking mechanism ensures retention until unlocked.
  • Provides a safe and fast unlocking mechanism.
  • Polyester webbing has minimal elongation (less than 7%) and is soft and safe to use.
  • High shock-absorbing capacity, up to 90%.







Lift with confidence using Camlok SLB Top Container Lifting Lugs – your assurance of strength and precision in every elevation.


  • Supplied in sets of 4
  • Total lifting capacity up to 56 tonnes
  • Flexible lashing points for container transport
  • Vertically mounted at the top container hole
  • Locked in place with a 90° turn
  • Compatible with lifting frames, cables, chains, or slings
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